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Market Research Services

3D India MR is a leading marketing services and a market research outsourcing company. It offers full range of market research operations, marketing services, and data analytics solutions to clients combined with strong technology and process orientation. 3D India Research has been recognized as an industry leader by respect 

We have an operating history of 10 years with an established track record of managing large scale and complex engagements and creating client delight. We leverage our access to best in class resources and technology to go beyond being a traditional service provider to a value added partner offering innovative and transformational solutions.

3D India Research offers qualitative & quantitative research services. 

The 3D India Research qualitative practice relies much on the Jungian archetypes and the Freudian projection, introjection methods. When you choose Qualitative @ 3D India Research , you choose seamless and tight execution, participatory methods and always on dashboards; leading to active discovery and actionable insights. 

The 3D India Research quantitative practice relies much on robust statistical tests and proven technology to bring your studies to life from the moment Go. When you choose Quantitative @ 3D India Research , you choose reliable data, at great speeds and tested analyses. With a well established network of trusted partners across India, we are able to create ownership and ensure there is no corner of the country where we cannot execute your study to the highest standards.

Our clients include Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Universities, Consultants and Advertising Agencies from India and abroad. 


Instantiate is a customizable ad research tool that is sensitive and flexible, reliable and robust, that supports decision making. Instantiate encompasses the right metrics that are validated across various types and forms of communications. It scores the ads on captivation, motivation and propensity and provides a dynamic comparative index measure. No more lossy data. No more mere scores. Come, watch your consumers. Instantly substantiated advertising research delivered live

Hunch 2 Insight is a powerful collaborative tool that allows you to convert your hunches into actionable insights. Its lightning fast, is blindingly focused and engages you from day one. H2I guarantees a way forward, a next step and helps marketeers steer their consumer learning. 

Never stop, exploring, discovering, trying, testing. Come, engage with your consumers. 

TAP Rural Panels lets you harness the strength of statistics and robust methodology while letting you leverage technology, automate workflows and reports for your everyday market research needs. Small is beautiful. Strong fundamentals for reliable outputs

Clients:  3D India Research Consulting works with well known corporates, entrepreneurs, start-ups and universities from across the globe. We work with leading companies like TVS Motor Company and Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Retail chains like Lifestyle and Brand Factory. We work with Cafe Coffee Day, Parle Biscuits, Intuit, Latlong. 3D India Research also works with leading universities from India and abroad, development or not for profit sector institutes including The World Bank, and select government organizations.

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