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   Professional Staffing. Market & Investment Research. IT Consulting

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Professional Staffing

We, at 3D India HR Consulting, made our tryst with destiny in 2005. Since then, we have emerged a leader in providing human resource solutions to some of the best companies. Considered one of the top recruitment firms in Bangalore, we provide manpower solutions to both IT and non-IT sectors. We specialize in Leadership Hiring, Startup Hiring, Business Incubation Services and HR Advisory.

Over the years, we have built profound expertise in the area of Machine Learning. Our clientele range from large eCommerce, Healthcare, Video Analytics to Financial Entities.

3D India HR Consulting is featured in Silicon India Magazine as the Top Recruitment firm Company of the year 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 in Staffing and Recruitment. 3D India HR Consulting envisions moving beyond the countries ‘and business’ perimeters and serving across key countries like India, Middle East, Africa, Singapore U.S

The success of 3D India HR Consulting has been built on unparalleled insights into the people dynamics of corporations and their leadership requirement at the highest levels. We commit ourselves to establishing long-term strategic relationships with our clients.


Leadership Hiring
Deep knowledge in Business Structure
Board Building
We have Qualified Industry Experts

Permanent Staffing
Innovative Strategies
Quality Conscious
Complete knowledge about client business

Contract Staffing
Shorter TAT
Fully Compliant
Flexible Solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Innovative Model
Cost Effective Solutions
Vendor Management

Incubation Center / ODC
Complete Physical Infrastructure
Legal & Compliance Support
HR solutions

HR Practices
Comp & Ben Survey
Outsourced Training Solutions
Payroll Management

Market Research Services
3D India MR is a leading marketing services and a market research outsourcing company. It offers full range of market research operations, marketing services, and data analytics solutions to clients combined with strong technology and process orientation. 3D India Research has been recognized as an industry leader by respect 

We have an operating history of 10 years with an established track record of managing large scale and complex engagements and creating client delight. We leverage our access to best in class resources and technology to go beyond being a traditional service provider to a value added partner offering innovative and transformational solutions.

3D India Research offers qualitative & quantitative research services. 

The 3D India Research qualitative practice relies much on the Jungian archetypes and the Freudian projection, introjection methods. When you choose Qualitative @ 3D India Research , you choose seamless and tight execution, participatory methods and always on dashboards; leading to active discovery and actionable insights. 

The 3D India Research quantitative practice relies much on robust statistical tests and proven technology to bring your studies to life from the moment Go. When you choose Quantitative @ 3D India Research , you choose reliable data, at great speeds and tested analyses. With a well established network of trusted partners across India, we are able to create ownership and ensure there is no corner of the country where we cannot execute your study to the highest standards.

Our clients include Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Universities, Consultants and Advertising Agencies from India and abroad. 


Instantiate is a customizable ad research tool that is sensitive and flexible, reliable and robust, that supports decision making. Instantiate encompasses the right metrics that are validated across various types and forms of communications. It scores the ads on captivation, motivation and propensity and provides a dynamic comparative index measure. No more lossy data. No more mere scores. Come, watch your consumers. Instantly substantiated advertising research delivered live

Hunch 2 Insight is a powerful collaborative tool that allows you to convert your hunches into actionable insights. Its lightning fast, is blindingly focused and engages you from day one. H2I guarantees a way forward, a next step and helps marketeers steer their consumer learning. 

Never stop, exploring, discovering, trying, testing. Come, engage with your consumers. 

TAP Rural Panels lets you harness the strength of statistics and robust methodology while letting you leverage technology, automate workflows and reports for your everyday market research needs. Small is beautiful. Strong fundamentals for reliable outputs

Clients:  3D India Research Consulting works with well known corporates, entrepreneurs, start-ups and universities from across the globe. We work with leading companies like TVS Motor Company and Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Retail chains like Lifestyle and Brand Factory. We work with Cafe Coffee Day, Parle Biscuits, Intuit, Latlong. 3D India Research also works with leading universities from India and abroad, development or not for profit sector institutes including The World Bank, and select government organizations.

IT Consulting & BPM Services

About 3D India BPM outsourcing services with process experts

Why work with 3D India BPM ?
3D India BPM is a global company with vast expertise in providing business process solutions across various industry verticals. Our solutions are testimony to the fact that we are a highly customer-centric, flexible and transparent service provider. 3D India BPM believes in enhancing our client’s business experience by taking process responsibility, improving cost efficiencies, and adding value through continuous process improvements and quality assurances.

Our Focus – People and Culture
3D India BPM's brand is built around a core of expertise, meritocracy and continuous improvement. The spirit of enhancement among our people and an organizational commitment to continuous personal and professional development keeps us at the forefront in this fast-changing and demanding industry.

3D India BPM's well-structured recruitment process attracts a large number of talented people from the resource pool available in India, US and the Philippines. Being recognized as an Employer of Choice in this industry, it reinforces our resolve to attract, retain and nurture talent of our Human Capital through our employee-centric work culture. We manage motivation and retention through a highly structured career path, cross-functional opportunities and performance-oriented incentives.

Our Industry Capabilities
Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
3D India BPM offers solutions that manage the complete life cycle for the Retail and CPG industry – from customer service, store card support, loyalty management, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation, account maintenance, billing, tech support, complaint management, email & live chat support, customer retention, quality monitoring and back office support.

Banking & Finance
3D India BPM's association with some of the world's largest banking and financial institutions goes back well over a decade. Our tremendous experience in this industry is especially highlighted by the fact that we are amongst the few global contact centers involved in comprehensive life cycle management of every client we service.

Energy & Utilities
3D India BPM is a front-runner in customer acquisition and support, assisting energy & utilities companies in creating new marketing strategies and maximizing market penetration in a highly competitive environment.

3D India BPM's proven expertise in the insurance sector ensures that its clients optimize processes and achieve enhanced customer satisfaction. Using our in-depth domain expertise and performance-driven processes, we deliver best-in-industry BPO services to the insurance industry.

3D India BPM offers solutions that comprehensively manage the complete life cycle for telecom providers – from customer acquisition, account maintenance, billing, value added services, tech support, complaint management and customer retention.

Our BPO services will help you to fully leverage the benefits of outsourcing for your manufacturing business. Talk to our experts and find out how Allsec can make a difference for you and increase your customers experience with our services.

3D India BPM's exemplary agents can assist e-commerce companies in providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers. We can help manage your increased call volumes, reduce cart abandonment, improve sales conversions, reduce escalations and manage your seasonal peaks. Our suite of services includes - customer service support, orders/returns/ refund management, customer satisfaction surveys, sales & lead generation, technical help desk, complaint resolution, social media management, loyalty programs, up-selling, billing & product inquiries, email and live chat support.

Travel & Hospitality

3D India BPM can provide robust end-to-end outsourcing solutions to the Travel, Leisure and Hospitality industry. We can support your customer’s round-the-clock with our 24x7x365 multi-channel contact centers across the globe. Our BPO solutions for the Travel and Hospitality industry include: customer care (multi-lingual support), reservation/ booking/ cancellation support, premium help desk support, customer satisfaction surveys, payment/ billing enquiries, website navigation, data entry, invoice/order processing, sales, email & live chat support, social media management and more.

·         Business Processing Solutions
·         HR Outsourcing Solutions

·         Banking and Financial Services
·         Insurance
·         Healthcare
·         Retail
·         Telecommunications

Leadership. Passion. Experience. Expertise.
3D India BPM believes that functional stability at the operational level is the key to driving growth and building values. The highly trained and experienced team at 3D India BPM brings this perspective to practice-assimilating relevant skills at every level of the organization. 3D India BPM is made up of varied global professionals from multiple disciplines and verticals who bring to the table, considerable value in terms of experience.

Education & Admission Counselling

We provide expert guidance to all students about overseas study opportunities for more than 20 countries.

Our Vision- To be one of the best and trusted overseas education consulting firms in assisting students and working professionals to build their international careers through right advice on abroad study options.

Our Mission -We provide reliable and professional guidance and educational information to students in order to empower them to build their international career.

3D India Admission Gyan Education Consultancy is the pioneer overseas education consultancy, since 2009. The consultancy provides high quality credentials, trustworthy higher education service guidance to the students to reach the best possible academic heights based on their academic merit and financial capacity in the top international universities.

We being one-of-the-best overseas education consultants facilitate best education with the remunerative job opportunities in the prestigious foreign universities abroad and rightly set the academic goals for prospective students. We have around 600 plus students to our credit in Europe in last five years, who have been placed in the top universities from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Ireland. Committed to the objectives of integrity and excellence, we are acknowledged and pioneer European education consultants in Bangalore, India.

Complementing the aptitudes of students, we recommend nothing less than the bestin their academic pursuit which in turn places them in lucrative jobs at the top Multi-National Companies across the world. Relieving you of uncertainties and confusion regarding the career options, we are always committed to serve you by providing the best counseling and guidance to help you make the right decision at the right time.

We are dedicated to provide the required direction to Indian students from short-listing right Universities to make University applications, liaising with Universities on admission decisions, finalizing admissions, visa guidance and other value-added services like assisting with scholarships, financial aid, education loans, selecting the accommodation, buying forex & ticketing so that students can fly together. 3D India Admission Gyan is India's Leading Study abroad Education Consultancy & has helped thousands of students achieve their dreams.

Country Lists 1
·         Study in Germany
·         Study in France
·         Study in USA
·         Study in Canada

Country Lists 2
·         Study in UK
·         Study in Sweden
·         Study in Netherlands
·         Study in Ireland

Real Estate & Financial Investment Research

3D India Real Research Advisory Services is a uniquely positioned business advisory consultancy providing informed market insight through intensive research activity. Founded in 2008, 3D India Real Research operates in emerging and frontier markets, bringing clear thinking and deeper logic to complicated issues facing businesses and governments.

3D India Real Research has become one on the leading niche consultancy and research firms, serving the fast growing yet under-served emerging markets. The firm is knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of economic sectors and business domains, reflecting our emphasis on examining the most attractive opportunities regardless of industry segment or geographical location. 

Our experience to date spans across several industry sectors, ranging from real estate to healthcare and retail to education. We also provide several standardised researched based services including economic impact assessments, retail shopper benchmarking & trade area assessments, consumer behavioural & perception assessments, internal & external performance audits, best land use assessments, and socio-economic reviews. The majority of our advisory and research services are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Through rigorous analyses, strategic consulting and expert testimony to client entities operating in complex business environments, we continue to generate balanced, fact-based recommendations. Over the years, we have made a significant contribution to some of the world’s most ambitious projects. Our clients rely more than ever on our experience in a wide array of industry sectors and gain sound leverage through our diverse functional capabilities.

Our Services  

3D India Real Research provides a full range of customised and objective business advisory and consulting services to businesses, government entities, and non-profit organisations. 

We provide business solutions, using research as a means to an end. Whether it is implementing advanced analytical tools to assess economic & social impact or understanding the opportunity that exists within a niche industry segment,3D India Real Research has the ability and wherewithal to impart knowledge through unbiased consulting and advisory solutions.

Every engagement undertaken by 3D India Real Research is bespoke - with the methodology and analytics specifically tailored to meet the clients' requirements and challenges. We use a range of research techniques to provide fact driven interpretations and recommendations to consistently deliver findings that best represent the clients' interests.

Real Estate Advisory
o    Absorption Forecasting
o    Analysis of Associated & Synergic Components
o    Demand & Supply Modelling
o    Financial Investment Analysis & Financing Options
o    Infrastructure Development
o    Lease Rate & Selling Price Forecasts
o    Market & Financial Feasibility Analysis
o    Market Demographics & Target Market Psychographics
o    Mortgage Market Analysis
o    Master Plan Validation & Development
o    Optimal & Best Use Development Mix
o    Project Scheduling and Critical Path Timeline
o    Real Estate Cycle Modelling
o    Real Estate Price Modelling
o    Real Estate Valuations
o    Risk Assessment and Mitigation
o    Site Location Analysis
o    Strategic Planning & Repositioning Studies
o    Urban Revitalisation/Regeneration Strategies

Retail Advisory
o    Brand Equity Modelling
o    Catchment Area Delineation
o    Cluster Profiling
o    Consumer Behavioural Analysis
o    Consumer Expenditure Modelling
o    Feasibility Analysis
o    Geo-Spatial Mapping
o    Market Forecasting
o    Merchandising & Supplier Strategy
o    New Market Entry & Retail Roll-Out Strategy
o    New Product Development & Positioning
o    Psychographic Shopping Profiling
o    Retail Agglomeration
o    Retail Concept Development
o    Retail Gravity Modelling
o    Retail Mall Benchmark Studies
o    Store Portfolio Optimisation
o    Strategic Retail Development
o    Trade Area Analysis
o    Trade Area Cannibalisation

Education Advisory
o    Academic Programme Analysis
o    Acceptors, Decliners & Retention Assessment
o    Analysis of Student / Parent Perception & Trends
o    Competition Mapping & Benchmarking
o    Course Curriculum & Content Delivery Methods
o    Degree Programme Feasibility
o    Demand & Supply Modelling
o    Employer Perspectives & Skills Based Evaluation
o    Human Capital Assessment
o    Labour Market Requirement Modelling
o    Location Assessment & Geo-Spatial Analysis
o    Regulatory Framework Assessment
o    Target Market Profiling & Education Preferences
o    Tuition Pricing Analysis

Education Advisory Experience
o    Best-in-Class Case Study Analysis
o    Causal Modelling & Path Analysis
o    Cause & Effect Analysis
o    Conjoint Analysis
o    Cost-Effectiveness & Cost-Benefit Analysis
o    Focus Group Discussions
o    Hospital/Clinic Benchmarking
o    Multivariate Interdependence Modelling
o    Patient Perception & Attitude Audits
o    Performance Gap Analysis
o    Physician Satisfaction Assessment
o    Principal Component & Factor Analysis
o    Priority Index Modelling
o    Segmentation & Conjoint Analysis
o    Stakeholder Perception
o    Strategic Action Plans
o    Trend Analysi

Economic Advisory
o    Capacity Utilisation Modelling
o    Comparative Statics & Dynamics Modelling
o    Comparison Peer Review
o    Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modelling
o    Cost Benefit / Effectiveness Analysis
o    Direct, Indirect & Induced Impacts Assessment
o    Impact Evaluation Assessment
o    Industry Sector Analysis
o    Input-Output Modelling
o    Media Exposure Analysis
o    Monetisation - Analytics & Optimisation
o    Policy Appraisal & Evaluation
o    Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Linkage Mapping
o    Regulatory Impact Assessments
o    Socio-Demographic Analysis


Over the years, we have extended our expertise across continents to service clients in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our global network inspires businesses, institutions and governments, by complementing wide-ranging multinational expertise with in-depth native knowledge.

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